Tuesday, March 4, 2014

¡Otro día en español!

March 3, 2014


This week has been good. The Laws came to sacrament meeting! Noah unfortunately moved back to California to be with his mom. Hopefully he'll be back sometime in the future, but I don't know if I'll see him again. Our investigator James has been having a hard time getting to church lately. It's been three or four weeks since he came. So we decided to postpone his baptismal date. I'm not sure when he'll be baptized, but he's got to start coming to church first!

I went on exchanges with the Spanish Elders yesterday. I went into their area with Elder Olivas. Elder Curtis was really excited to go to our area because he hadn't been in an English area in a while, and in his 12+ months on a mission, he had never been on a bike!

Elder Olivas and I had a pretty productive day. I got to drive the car, because he doesn't have a drivers' license. Their area covers the entire Grand Valley, so there was quite a bit of traveling! We taught a few good lessons, and I used a lot of good Spanish! I can express myself in saying pretty much anything I need to, and I'm remembering and using a lot of grammar that I hadn't thought about in a while. What was interesting was how I was able to understand some people reasonably well, and 95% of what some other people said flew right over my head... But I know the Lord was in it, helping me the whole time. I woke up the next morning thinking in Spanish, and I've accidentally slipped into Spanish in my prayers. And all just because of one day! Crazy. Anyway, it was lots of fun!

Transfers are coming up, and I have no clue what will happen!! I'll know by the time I email next week.

We had a great training yesterday from Elder Rhodes, our Area Seventy. He taught us and the bishops how to conduct effective Ward Councils. He was very bold and plain in speech. It was great!

Be good and read the Book of Mormon. Every day! I love you all and pray for you always! Hasta luego!

Elder Rogers

A thought from Mom:
Missionary Work
 We don't ask any people to throw away any good they have got; we only ask them to come and get more. What if all the world should embrace this gospel? They would then see eye to eye, and the blessings of God would be poured out upon the people, which is the desire of my whole soul.
History of the Church, 5:259.

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