Monday, March 24, 2014


March 24, 2014

Shayla got baptized!!!

March 22, 2014
We had the baptismal service at 10:00 on Saturday, March 22nd. There was a really strong Spirit there, and I loved being a part of it! Shayla's father, a member coming back into activity, gave a talk on baptism, and I was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. Then, Brother Krabbe, the Ward Mission Leader, baptized Shayla. She was confirmed in sacrament meeting the next day.
Elder Rogers, Sister Laws, Shayla, Brother Laws, Elder Curran

Waz up?!

Right after the service, we went to a lesson with a potential investigator named Curtis. He is a guy we met on the street a while ago, and he's in his twenties. He seemed to be one of those people (we run into them every now and then) who just wanted to know what Mormons believe, and leave it at that. But we testified that he needed to read the Book of Mormon and pray for himself to know if the message of the Restoration is true, and hopefully the Spirit touched his heart. We will be seeing him again soon!

We had an awesome opportunity this week to give some service! We stopped by a less-active member's house to see if we could meet with the family. An adult son of the family we hadn't met was outside cutting beams with a hand saw. He told us he was making flower beds for his mom, who decided she wanted to plant flowers this spring. We told him and his mom we'd help (and of course had to convince them we were in our "work clothes" already [our suit and tie]). Then we got to saw some wood, dig a bit, clear out some weeds, till the earth, and build a little fire pit! It was lots of fun. I've always liked gardening. I'm partial to growing food instead of flowers, but it was fun nonetheless!

We've been able to get a lot more members to come with us to teaching appointments, which is great! It really helps to be able to have a "normal person" in a on lesson. If you get the chance to go out and teach with the missionaries, do it! Investigators and less-active members just need friendship, the kind of friendship missionaries can't provide on their own. But anyway, it's been fun to see people progressing and coming closer to the Savior.

It's spring now, so enjoy the weather! Be excellent to each other, read the Book of Mormon daily, and choose the right! I love you all!


Elder Rogers

“If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has it been with the best people who ever lived.

~Jeffrey R. Holland

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