Saturday, November 30, 2013

One year older and wiser too...

Happy Birthday to me!!
It was awesome to talk to you all on Christmas! It made my day!
This week had been a great one! One thing that really stands out in my mind is when we contacted a referral. The Sisters in the ward had tracted into a 19-year-old guy named Bryce, who said they could come back. I probably would have too, because... Well, if I were in Bryce's shoes I would have invited the two blonde 19-year-old girls back, too. But anyway! The Sisters gave him to us as a referral because they can't teach him on their own. So, we went and knocked on his door, and he invited us in and asked to hear our message. He basically wanted to know more about our beliefs so he was more informed and "sympathetic," as he put it. We shared the message of the Restoration and the Spirit was strong. He said that the message made sense. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray. He said he would. We will eventually hand him off to the Singles' Ward missionaries, because he will be much better fellow-shipped there. But that was a great experience!

This week we also started over teaching the lessons to a 12-year-old investigator, Noah. He lives with his grandmother, who is a member of our ward. We taught him twice this week, and took the lessons slow, because he has a hard time paying attention and retaining information. Before we started the lessons, we set him on date to be baptized on January 11th. IT was all looking good, but unfortunately his mother denied permission for him to be baptized. So we're kind of at an impasse. Hopefully his mother's heart will be softened soon, and Noah will be able to continue to progress back to his Heavenly Father. He was very disappointed about the whole situation.
But not to worry! God has commanded us to be baptized, and I know that "the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." (1 Ne. 3:7)
In other news, I'm really enjoying my new area! It took a lot of adjusting at first, but I'm comfortable in the area now. Of course I don't know all of the ward members or where our appointments are yet, but I'm getting there. Grand Junction has 60,000 people. I know that's not a very small town, but I realized why it seems so small. I have lived my whole life in the Phoenix-metro area, population 5-6 million. I've spent the last six months in the Denver-metro area, population 2-3 million (I think). So, going from nineteen years of that to a city of 60,000 is a pretty big change! Plus there's a lot of trailer parks and such in my area. But the point is, I'm adjusting to it well!
This week brings us into a new year! That's exciting. I always love New Year's. It'll be weird writing 2014 in my journal and on all of the records we keep, but that happens at the beginning of every year. I"m looking forward to making 2014 the best year of my life (so far)! I invite you all to do the same. It will happen as you take steps to bring yourself, your family, and others closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. Make it a goal!
Have a great week, and an excellent year! I love you all, and you are in my prayers!
Elder Rogers

Monday, November 25, 2013

It was cold this week...

November 25, 2013


On Thursday, it snew again. Not like the last couple of times it snew; this time it stuck. And guess what? When there's ice all over the face of the earth, it gets really cold. Okay, it wasn't that bad, probably between 10 and 30 degrees most of the time. But when it snows, and the ground gets all icey, we can't ride bikes (it's not safe), so we have to walk. Walking is much slower, so it can be hard to get things done and feel productive, but we just press on and do our best!

It snows in Colorado...a lot!
This week we found two new investigators, Rose and Ike. They're an old couple; Rose is a little hard of hearing and Ike is practically deaf. I think they're in their mid-to-late-eighties, and I'm not sure how much of our message they grasped. But, we gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon, as well as a Restoration pamphlet and they said they would read it. Hopefully things go well there! This coming week is going to be a bit tougher, because people are really busy entertaining friends and family for the holiday or they are out of town. Our mission president told us to go to our ward's Turkey Bowl, and that should be fun, and then to spend as much time as possible for the rest of Thanksgiving with members. We only have two dinners scheduled, but I think that should fill our time. And stomachs.

Elder Campbell and I are working on preparing super short messages on the Restoration of the Gospel to share with people on the street. If we can have something more prepared, we can have much more significant contacts with people! It's going pretty well so far. Our area, and all of the areas in the district, are growing. It's great! One thing I could do without is biking in the cold, once the ice has melted off the streets. But it's alright, and I'm slowly pulling more and more clothes out of my "winter suitcase," and those are keeping me warm enough.

The work is pressing forward, ever hastening! Be a part of it! We all have work. I hope all is well in the land of sun and palm trees. Be great, and choose the right! I love you all!

Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:
 “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks! Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle---you shall be the miracle.” ~Phillips Brooks

Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Week in Littleton

November 18, 2013


To answer your earlier question, yes! it's starting to get chilly here. It's usually in the 50s during the day, and it drops to about 30 at night. So, when we're riding bikes, sweaters are useful. People have even started putting up Christmas lights!

It looks like the work is going to start moving faster here in our ward. We are working with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader to get the auxiliary leaders and members involved. When members get excited about missionary work, things really happen!

I'm getting a little more used to biking. I don't have to walk up any hills anymore! (Well, almost never). It's not easy, but it's getting easier. It's like having to work out- all day- every day! I haven't gained any weight since I've been on my mission, in case you were wondering. Well, I think I gained about 5 pounds, but lost it and then some. So, maybe I won't come back as chubby as I had anticipated!

Well, things in our district are going great, and I'm starting to get used to conducting things and having people report to me, etc. It seems a little weird, because I'm still pretty new, but I'll take it as another opportunity to grow!
Elder Rogers and Elder Campbell

The work goes forward! I love you all, and wish you all the best!

Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:
“The good works that really matter require the help of heaven. And the help of heaven requires working past the point of fatigue so far that only the meek and lowly will keep going long enough. The Lord doesn’t put us through this test just to give us a grade; he does it because the process will change us.”
~Elder Henry B. Eyring

Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Campbell!!!!

Monday,  ay,k No9vember e-courses.aspNovember 11, 2013


Did I mention they took our car away? Well, they did! I was super bummed. But then, at transfer meeting, I found out that our car was going to Sister Remington, from my MTC district! So I was okay with that. But now we're on bikes. The first couple of days, I thought I was going to die. Elder Campbell is from Lacey, Washington, where everyone bikes to get around. So he was completely used to it already! (Elder Kelly was from Arlington, Texas, by the way). I have been super exhausted at the end-- and beginning -- of every day this week! But I'm starting to get used to it! I am going to be in super-great shape by the time this transfer is over. Elder Campbell keeps track of our miles on his GPS, and we've gone 55 miles so far. My legs burn.

And with that, things are going great! Elder Campbell and I get along well. Elder Kelly got sent over the mountain to the Uncompaghre ward (in Delta, CO). Also, everyone in my district who didn't go home got sent over the mountain, too!

Elders Rogers and Campbell

My new district is great! We're called the Columbine South District. Being a district leader is swell. It's just a good way to stay involved with all of the missionaries! One elder in my district is Elder Zerilli, who I knew in the MTC. His companion Elder White came out a transfer before us. Elder Campbell came out a transfer after me. In the Ken Caryl ward, Elder Bean is on his last transfer, and he's an awesome missionary, and he's training Elder Winkinson.

Elder Bean says hi. You don't know who that is, (well, you kind of do...), but that doesn't matter. He wishes you the best.

Stay true to the faith! I hope you all are doing well and that you do great things every day! Be excellent to each other! Love you!

Elder Rogers

A thought from Mom:

“No missionary can determine the lasting effects of his or her labors.” 
~Elder Richard G. Scott

Monday, November 4, 2013

Butterfingers...and an extra hour of sleep!

November 4, 2013


A lot is going on. First and foremost, the work is going well, and things are continuing to pick up! That's super important with everything that's going on.

Transfers are happening tomorrow. werbgelfhivwable. (That's how I sigh over email). First, I'll explain the subject: "Butterfingers". I can't hold onto a companion for more than one transfer! Elder Kelly is being transferred. So, I'll be staying in Coal Mine at the same address. It's all good, though, because I get to learn how to work with all kinds of different companions.

Now I'll explain the sigh. Are you familiar with the missionary term "white-wash"? If not, it's when both companions are transferred at the same time, and a fresh companionship comes in. Well, my entire district is being white-washed! Everyone, that is, except for me. President Murdock has called me to be the district leader here, and I'll have a whole new district! It's not a bad thing. I just sigh because it's a whole lot of responsibility! I will definitely be relying on the Lord to help me. So that's what's going on with transfers!

Now, "an extra hour of sleep!" They do this weird thing here called "Daylight Savings Time." You're supposed to randomly set your clock back one hour in the middle of the night. I was like, 'This is weird, but hey! I could use an extra hour of sleep!' So, that means that I'm now on the same time as all of you back home!

Stay strong and true! Be a part of the work! Read the Book of Mormon daily! (That means every day). It's super important. I love you all! Be excellent to each other!
Elder Rogers :)
The "Outgoing" District

A Thought from Mom:

"As we seek our Heavenly Father through fervent, sincere prayer and earnest, dedicated scripture study, our testimonies will become strong and deeply rooted. We will know of God’s love for us. We will understand that we do not ever walk alone."
—Thomas S. Monson