Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Things Are Happening!

Be it known to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, that I can only write physical letters on Mondays (P-days), but please write me at your convenience! I can read letters any time!

Mom! It's funny that you had a bad dream about school, because I had an awful dream last night! I woke up in the Tuscan room, redecorated (because obviously the girls are in my room). I was so confused! Mom was sitting there, so I asked her what was going on. She told me I was back from my mission! I said, "Did I serve the full two years?" and she said, "Yes." I told her that it was really weird, because I could only remember the first six weeks of my mission, and I had NO recollection of the rest...

Eventually, I figured out that she was trying to hide the fact that I had come home after six weeks. How do you hide something like that?? I freaked out, and I had to explain thoroughly that I had no memory or intention of leaving! I had no clue how I had gotten home! I told her I wanted to go back to Colorado and finish my mission, and she tried to convince me to stay for a little while. I zealously objected! I wanted to be back on my mission as soon as possible, because if there's one thing I don't want to do, it's go home early! I frantically made my way to the airport, set on getting back to the mission. I was really sad, scared, and freaked out! You have no idea how relieved and comforted I was when I woke up in my own bed in Littleton. I don't know if the Spirit would give me such a scary dream... But I'll tell you one thing for sure-- I do NOT want to experience that in reality. I'm here for the full 24!

Forrest has been dodging us the past week or two. It's sad. His wife is a member, and we visited with her once when we were trying to make contact with Forrest. She's super nice, and she and their two little sons came to church yesterday.

Dave is doing great! He's reading in the Book of Mormon, and he came to church yesterday, wearing the tie Elder Curth gave him as a "going away" gift (because Elder Curth likes him and he's going home soon). Dave has been investigating for about three years, and he hadn't come to church once until March 28th this year. He's been five times now! And twice this month!! He's such a good guy.

We had quite a few days without appointments this week, which is super tough. I don't like that.

I've been driving this week! Elder Curth got permission from the Assistants for me to drive so I can get to know the area before he leaves. We have a Toyota Corolla. We found out that there's about a 99% chance that they'll split the area, because the Stake Housing Coordinator told us that he had to go to Brother and Sister L's house to have them fill out forms.
The L's are a non-member couple with a son on a mission in Las Vegas. They are super duper friendly, and they seem like members because of the Spirit they invite into their home. They have another son who is in the circus. He travels the world doing jump rope competitions and shows; I think he's in Germany right now.

Anyway! They live in the Coal Mine Ward, and Sister D, who we live with now, is in the Ken Caryl Ward. We've been doing our best to balance the work between the two wards so there would be enough work in each to split the area. We're going to have an increase of 20 missionaries next transfer, so the mission needs to come up with 10 new areas! I'll either be staying with Sister D or moving in with the L's. Then there's always the sliver of a chance that I'll be transferred somewhere else.

Elder Curth and I have had the opportunity to teach the Gospel Principles class in church about three times, I think. It's always really good, and I can tell that the Spirit is guiding us for sure!

Elder Curth said yesterday was one of his best days in the mission! We got up and went to a meeting at 7:30, then to six hours of church (both wards, as always). Church was awesome, because we had Dave come to KC, and a less-active, Chris, come to CM! We taught in KC about service. I love the Gospel Principles book!

After church, we got to go home "early," because we didn't have any meetings afterward like we usually do. Then, we had a member come with us to an appointment with a less-active member named Brandon who is about 40. Brandon was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. He hit a deer on the highway. Luckily, he was decked out in full moto-garb, so he survived with six broken ribs and road rash, to which he lost part of his finger. We hadn't seen him since I'd been here, because he was so incapacitated. But we had a good conversation with him, and there was some definite good fellowship between him and the member we brought. He explained how he had had several warnings before the accident, and he attributed those to the Spirit. He said that he had had the feeling he needed to get back to church for a while, and that our persistence in banging on his door twice a week helped to motivate him. Also, his wife isn't a member, so she could be a potential investigator when he starts coming back to church! Basically, it was the perfect less-active member lesson, because he said he actually wanted to go back to church, and he didn't hesitate to accept another appointment with us, he even said to stop by almost whenever, because he's home a lot.

After that, we had a steak dinner! (During which I got a bloody nose; I guess the altitude finally caught up with me. Luckily I was dabbing my forehead with a napkin when it happened, so I caught the blood before it got on my shirt!)

After dinner, we made contact with a reference that we had gotten earlier in the day from a member in another Stake. We helped her move down the block in a neighborhood of townhouses, then offered a blessing on her and on her new house. We introduced her to a member family in her neighborhood, and she agreed to let the Bishop stop by her house on Tuesday. Elder Curth had actually taught this lady for a couple of months in another area, and she recognized him right away! So, it was essentially a near-perfect non-member move.

Then, we got home before 9:00, whereas we're normally home closer to 9:30. We didn't have a lot to plan for the next day, it being p-day and all. I got to bed at about 9:30! Whaaah?? It was great.

Things are great here in Littleton, and I'm in the groove. It's great to hear the show is going so well, dad! It's good to hear that Rebecca and Justin are all moved in! Mom, you're gonna do great as a math specialist! Marissa and Brandon, it's good to hear you and your kids are doing well! Keep me updated! Kevin and Kandis, what's up?

Love you all and wish you the best,

Elder Rogers!


A Thought from Mom:

“As you shed tears in your Gethsemane while others laugh with the sinners, don’t curse the purifying fire in which you have been placed. Your challenges are divinely appointed and they will ultimately perfect you.”  Glen L. Pace

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