Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Family!
Let me answer some questions!
Myrna doesn't remind me of Harvey... She's super small, and Harvey was big. And Harvey was a boy, and she's a girl. But the age, sure! We actually have an investigator named Harvey! Or maybe he's less active. We haven't met with him since I've been here, so I'm not sure...
We had dinner last night with a couple, and they said something about Mark Shinsato.(I don't know how to spell that...) So I asked them what they do for a living, and they said Lifevantage! They were at the Elite Academy in Denver last weekend! So, that was cool.
You'll have to send me a picture so I can see what you do to my room for the girls once you're finished! I'm assuming you guys will do something to it.
I hope Mom is having fun at Island Park! Why is it called that? Isn't it land-locked?... Hmmm....
How sweet that Isac and Carrie are swimming, and that Isac is talking a little more! Keep it up bubba! Stay cool and stay safe, Care! Swimming is fun, but it's dangerous without an adult!
I can't remember if I asked you to thank Sister Macpherson for her cookies. Please do.
I'll be writing to the Greers to thank them personally (hopefully today)!
This week was a bit different. We didn't have as many set appointments with investigators. Really, we only met with a couple. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the first three days I've had without a set appointment since I got into the field! Technically we met with a member family to talk about missionary work on Saturday, but that was our only appointment all day. We did meet with our investigator Forrest once! We had another appointment with a member family at the same time, so I went with a member named Dave to meet with Forrest. He asked us to explain the purpose of baptisms for the dead, because that was the main part of the Plan of Salvation that he didn't understand. After I did my best to explain, he said he understood. I'm not sure if he really did, or if he was just trying to please me, but I think it was at least a little clearer for him. Then he asked about blacks and the priesthood. Fun, right?! I did my best to explain a little bit. Luckily Dave was there, because he pulled out his phone and went to the Gospel Library. You know how the Church updated the standard works a few months ago? Well, there's a new heading to Official Declaration 1 in the Doctrine and Covenants, which explains the whole situation much more clearly than I've ever understood it before. Basically, when Joseph Smith was the President of the Church, there were black men who held the priesthood! Then, Church records show that the ordination of black males to the priesthood simply stopped. It became such a common practice, that it was felt that a revelation was needed in order to change it. President Kimball received that revelation! After that, we talked a little bit about how Forrest can recognize answers to his prayers.
We also met with an investigator named Dave. He is about 50, and lives alone with his two dogs. He has grown children who live somewhere else. He has been investigating the Church for about 3 years, but lately seems to be making a lot of progress! He basically accepts all the doctrines. I think he just doesn't want to change just yet. But he owns a dry cleaning place, and he does our dry cleaning for free! Woohoo!! He even has special stuff he can spray on our ties to make them water resistant, which will come in handy big time when I'm on a bike in the rain. We had a really good lesson with him this week about God's love, and His unwavering plan for each of His children. We shared the story of Martin Harris and the 116 lost pages of the Book of Lehi. The Lord had been planning for the coming forth of the Book of Mormon for over 2,400 years! Martin felt so bad for losing the pages that he essentially paid for the printing of the Book of Mormon. The Lord has a plan!
If I get a friend request from Mike Bean, you can accept it. Mike is a member here in the Coalmine Ward. He's married to sister Bean, and they have a dog. They're so cool! They're our best member friends. Mike is learning guitar, and he makes up songs. They are awesome. One was about a guy on a horse who basically lost everything, so he decided to get five tattoos. It made more sense in the song. Kind of... But anyway, he died and then he had to repent, so he did, and he had dinner in the Celestial Kingdom with Joseph Smith and Nephi. Then he met Elder Curth and his eternal Bride. The song was kind of a rollercoaster, though, because he's practicing using major and minor chords. The song will be all happy, and the next moment it takes a dramatically tragic turn.
We play soccer two or three times a week in the morning. I have to get up at like 5:45! I'm not super great at soccer, but today I played goalie (or keeper, whatever) and that wasn't so bad.
I've been reading a lot in Jesus the Christ. It's such a good book! You guys aught to get it and read some every now and then.
So anywhoo, we've done a lot of driving from house to house of less-active members this week, since we didn't have appointments. Rarely do they answer the door... But it's all good! I'm serving the Lord, and trying my best to try my best!
Thank you, Mom, for the package with the zucchini bread! I feel so bad for Elder Curth, because he doesn't ever get any letters, and he's been a trainer practically his whole mission. Since greenies always get letters, he just always sifts through the mail and then hands it all to me. But it's okay! He's going home in three weeks! Then nobody will have to write him!
Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you- I played the piano a ton in the MTC for church and meetings and stuff, and yesterday I played the organ in church! The coalmine ward asked me if I would play, but the only one I knew was #27, Praise to the Man. So I played the intermittent hymn! Elder Curth also plays the piano, but I think he hides it form the members so he doesn't have to play. Or maybe he just doesn't talk about it, I don't know.
So you may have noticed I sent 12 pictures today. I finally brought my camera cord to email, and it loads the pictures way faster!
I wish you all luck with all that you are doing! Good luck, mom, with school! You'll be an awesome math specialist! Good luck Dad with work and the show! I'm sure you bring a lot to the production. Feel free to encourage Nellie and Rachel to write me! My address is on facebook. Good luck Justin with the new job! Good luck Greers, mom,and dad with the move! Good luck Isac with talking! Good luck Charlie (haha) with learning to crawl! Good luck Kevin, Kandis and Rose with everything! Good luck Smiths with... I'm not sure what to wish you luck with. Keep it up! It seems like there was something significant on the 29th... And I was going to say something about it. If there is something and I forgot, then sorry! If there's nothing, then disregard!
Moses 1:64-66 explains the answer to an age-old question: "Who on earth baptized Adam?"
Still trying to figure out if he had a belly button.
Funny, right? But the member who came with me to visit Forrest used it as an example to show that there are some things that it aren't important to know for our salvation. We shouldn't let our testimony be shaken by things like that. Center your testimony on Jesus Christ and His Atonement. That's the gospel we preach. The rest is there to help people receive Christ and His Atonement.
Things are well with me! Thanks for everything. My prayers are with you all.
Stay bright- Choose the right!
Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

“If the whole mission is the sum total of each and every missionary, then the action of a single missionary affects the entire mission ~Anonymous

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