Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th of July

So...I'm just sitting in the family room--fireworks are over, kids are in bed--and I get a text from a guessed Colorado! This is GREAT having a missionary in the states! So, this is what I see:
Dear Mom, 
Who has ever heard of a Missionary getting to go to a Rockies game on their fourth day in the Mission Field?? It's good to be me!

Your Favorite Son (Or it could be the guy--Brother Engle, Stake High Councilor--that got special permission to take him!)

So, Brother Engle and I had a great text conversation. Turns out Jake's companion, Elder Curth was in Brother Engle's ward for a long time. Brother Engle got special permission to take him (and his new companion, Elder Rogers) to the Rockies game on the 4th of July! How fun is that?!?

As we texted further, Brother Engle told me that Elder Curth is a great missionary and they are in a very safe area. He said that Jake is off to a very good start under very favorable conditions. He also said that he seemed pretty tired. He said it can take a couple of weeks to get used to the altitude--"you feel like you are carrying around about an extra 50 pounds until you get used to it" is how he put it. In addition to that, earlier in the day, the Elders had been out in the sun attending two ward parties, and they also had a couple of teaching appointments before the game. Brother Engle said that he should sleep well tonight!

7th Inning Stretch--Three Strikes You're Out in the Old Ballgame!

Getting Ready to go home...
Lookin' Good, Elder Rogers!  Lookin' Good!!!

Oh how I love that Jake is surrounded by such good people! I am grateful every day that he is serving the Lord and there are amazing things happening to him. Game on, Elder Rogers!

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