Monday, May 12, 2014


May 12, 2014

This has been a super week. I started it off on exchanges with Elder Hawkes! He was my companion in the MTC, and this is the first time we've served as companions (for a day).
Elders Rogers and Hawkes on exchanges--deja vu!
He was conducting the exchange as a zone leader, and I joined him in Montrose. The most notable thing that happened to us was on Monday night. We were walking along the sidewalk, and a man shouted from behind us, about 20 yards away, "Hey! Brothers! Come share some God with me!" So, we went and shared some with him. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel, and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! I won't know a whole lot about what goes on with him, because he's not in my area, but it was a fun experience. The Lord prepares people.

The area has been picking up speed, and Elder Sofele and I are loving it! We're finding lots of new investigators, and making great steps forward with them. On Friday, we had interviews with President Murdock. At the end of our interview, I told him I wanted to talk to him about something. He and I had talked a few times before about the prospect of me becoming a Spanish missionary. I told him I would really like the opportunity to solidify my Spanish here on my mission. He seemed a little confused, and told me that I already was a Spanish missionary.Ummm, I think I would know if I was a Spanish missionary... So I asked what he meant and he told me that at transfers three weeks ago, they "moved me into the green," meaning I was numbered among the Spanish missionaries. He explained that Gunnison is  a Spanglish area, and that Elder Sofele was the English missionary, and I was the Spanish one. Whaaaaaaaat?? He told me that I'll be staying in Gunnison a little longer to follow-up train Elder Sofele, and then I'll get moved to a 100% Spanish area. Woohoo!! He told me to take an extra 30-60 minutes each morning for language study. This is going to be awesome!

On exchanges with Naturitra the next day, Elder Reber and I laid some concrete, and did a pretty spiffy job, if I do say so myself! I put my hand print and name in it, so I will forever be remembered in Naturita, Colorado! While I was in Naturita, Elder Sofele and Elder Buehecker were on fire in Gunnison! They found a lot of new potential investigators and taught lots of good lessons. We ended the week on a good note, and we're steadily improving. After being in Naturita, I love Gunnison. I didn't know if there were smaller towns, but there are. Naturita is tiny. So now I'm back in the big city! Gunnison! I heard a chicken clucking outside our apartment this morning while I was studying... And it snowed last night, about an inch or so, I'd say. Enjoy the sun there in Mesa!
Actually, this is 3 inches! Brother Nelson texted this during the day! (Elder Sofele and Elder Rogers)

I am learning a lot and developing a lot of good skills as a missionary here in Gunnison. Whitewashing and training at the same time is giving me tons of opportunities to grow and progress. I am loving the work! The Church is true! El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios. I'm working on how to do accent marks... I don't know how. Choose the right! Be excellent! I love you all!

Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

“When we have the Spirit to direct us, we are capable of teaching with great power.”
~L. Tom Perry

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