Monday, May 19, 2014


This week was a little bit slower than last, but it was good! First, we got a call from Elder Peterson, the Car Czar (fleet coordinator, senior missionary). He told us to get our windshield replaced and our headlight fixed, because it's almost time to sell Suzie! (Suzie Subaru is our car.) She's about to pass 52,000 miles, and the mission likes to sell them between 50 and 55 thousand. So we'll probably be getting a new car soon!

We have one investigator, Gloria, who we met a few weeks ago. We've taught her four or five times. I think I might have told you about her before, but she's from Mexico, but speaks English, and she's in her fifties. This week she fed us enchiladas and then on a different day we made tortillas with her! The unfortunate thing is that she isn't really progressing. She doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon on her own. If she's not willing to do that, she'll likely never gain a testimony of the Restoration. We want her to progress so we can keep teaching her, so I hope something changes with her soon.

Mary Ellen! I can't remember who I've told you about in past letters, so I'll tell you about her. She is 80 years old and widowed. She is so nice! When I was in Naturita, Elder Buhecker and Elder Sofele offered to rake her leaves for her. She told them all about how she wanted to go to BYU when she was younger, but her parents wouldn't let her. She knows a few members of the branch. Since then, we have taught her the message of the Restoration, and she loved it! I really hope she'll come to church so she can feel the Spirit there and get to know more members. Also, she made us cookies!

We found two new investigators this week. One of them is named Mark. He is a musician, and he plays guitar to lead the worship service at a Christian church. He likes to get really deep into topics like the universe, dimensions, and planes of existence, etc. We had one lesson with him this week, and if anything I think we were able to establish that he's shooting beyond the mark. We told him that if he wants to learn and progress in the Gospel, he needs to take it one step at a time, line upon line. He seemed to understand. It's kind of like he's trying to jump into a book at chapter 27. We'll see how that progresses.

Our other new investigator is Neely! The Elders also gave her some service when I was in Naturita. We taught her the first lesson about the Restoration, and she was inquisitive and sincere. She is in her 30s and has an 11-year-old daughter. We gave her some suggested readings in the Book of Mormon, including the introduction, testimonies, 3 Nephi 11, and Alma 32. We didn't have a copy of the book with us, so we told her how she could access it online. When we went back two days later to drop off a paperback copy, she had already read everything we left her, and she said, "I love Alma 32! It's my favorite." Then she asked us to write down more suggested readings! Things are looking really good with her. I think she can feel the spirit of the message.

Elder Sofele and I gave talks in sacrament meeting yesterday! He spoke on discipleship, and I spoke on hastening the work of salvation through family history work. I think both talks turned out well. Elder Sofele bore his testimony in Tongan at the end of his talk. The week before, Sister Smith bore hers in Spanish (she's learning it here). So, I didn't want to be the odd man of the missionary group. I bore my testimony in Fijian. Just kidding, I did it in Spanish. I've gotten to speak a bit of Spanish with the Alarcon family in the branch. They are from Peru! We've found a couple of potential Spanish investigators, so I'm excited about that! Elder Sofele has no clue what's going on when I talk with them, though. He's picking up a tiny bit here and there.

The work moves forward here in Gunnison! I am enjoying it and taking the hardships with the high points. Remember to do good, be good, and learn and share the Gospel! I love you and hope you have una buenisma semana!

Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:
Daily, constantly, we choose by our desires, our thoughts, and our actions whether we want to be blessed or cursed, happy or miserable.

~Ezra Taft Benson

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