Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello everyone!

For everyone's information, I'm adjusting very well to Grand Junction. I think I've decided that I like living in big cities, but as a missionary I prefer smaller cities.

Things are going well here. I love getting exercise on a bike. It makes me feel... healthy! Our days are productive, and I'm doing well! We are in a new year! As anticipated, I've had problems remembering to write 2014 on our records instead of 2013. But I'm working on it!
Elders Bartlett and Rogers--Grand Junction, Colorado
Other than the new year, not a whole lot to report on! We keep teaching, preaching, expounding, exhorting, and hopefully soon there will be some baptizing! We just recently began teaching a man named Chuck. He just got married to a member of the ward's daughter. He seems sincere in his desire to change his life, and I believe he's been prepared to receive the gospel. At the end of our lesson, I suggested that he say the closing prayer. He did, and thanked our Father in Heaven for giving him a "warm heart" that evening. He said it was the first time he had felt that way. What's that? A burning in your bosom? He felt the spirit, and I believe good things will be happening soon.

Thank you for all of your love, thoughts, and prayers! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the monkey mug, which I use almost daily, and for the hot chocolate, which gives the mug a purpose. I hope that you all have a fantastic 2014! I won't see you this year, so make it the best you can without me! Be righteous examples, and be happy! I love you all!

Elder Rogers

A Note from Mom:

"So why should we bear frequent and powerful testimony of Christ? Because doing so invites and becomes part of the divine power of testimony borne by God the Father and by the Holy Ghost, a testimony borne on wings of fire to the very hearts of investigators. Such a divine testimony of Christ is the rock upon which every new convert must build. Only this testimony of the atoning Anointed, Victorious One will prevail against the gates of hell."

~Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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