Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

December 9, 2013

How are you all? I hope all is well in Arizona!
I'm sorry there's not too much to report on this week! It's been really cold and snowy, which means we can't ride our bikes. It's a lot slower walking, and I just wish we could get around faster! But we have been shoveling a lot of snow in between appointments. This is the first real time I've ever lived in the snow. I think I would like it, if it weren't a hindrance to the work...
Standing on a frozen stream
 But things are still going well. We've had a couple of good lessons with members. President Murdock has asked us to set up appointments with active members for 8:00pm, our least effective time. We have been asked to teach one of the lessons to help get the members into the spirit of the hastening. It also gives us a good chance to practice teaching!
Transfers are coming up in one week, so the next time I email, I'll know if I'm staying or going. I'm about due for a transfer, but for some reason I feel like I'll be staying here. Maybe I'll be here for the rest of my mission. Who knows?! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the awesome package! As a district leader, I conduct companion exchanges within the district. We held one on Tuesday, and I went to another area. The other missionaries pointed out how I hadn't brought a second tie for the next day (we spend the night on exchanges). I got your package that day, however, and I had brought it with me. I opened it up and, Lo! and behold! an awesome Christmas tie! So I wore that on the day of exchanges. The candy you sent me was gone by that morning. Much appreciated!

I hope you all are well and are having an excellent holiday season! Remember the reason we celebrate! I love you!
Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

“Obedience brings success. Exact obedience brings miracles.”
~Elder Russell M. Nelson

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