Monday, November 4, 2013

Butterfingers...and an extra hour of sleep!

November 4, 2013


A lot is going on. First and foremost, the work is going well, and things are continuing to pick up! That's super important with everything that's going on.

Transfers are happening tomorrow. werbgelfhivwable. (That's how I sigh over email). First, I'll explain the subject: "Butterfingers". I can't hold onto a companion for more than one transfer! Elder Kelly is being transferred. So, I'll be staying in Coal Mine at the same address. It's all good, though, because I get to learn how to work with all kinds of different companions.

Now I'll explain the sigh. Are you familiar with the missionary term "white-wash"? If not, it's when both companions are transferred at the same time, and a fresh companionship comes in. Well, my entire district is being white-washed! Everyone, that is, except for me. President Murdock has called me to be the district leader here, and I'll have a whole new district! It's not a bad thing. I just sigh because it's a whole lot of responsibility! I will definitely be relying on the Lord to help me. So that's what's going on with transfers!

Now, "an extra hour of sleep!" They do this weird thing here called "Daylight Savings Time." You're supposed to randomly set your clock back one hour in the middle of the night. I was like, 'This is weird, but hey! I could use an extra hour of sleep!' So, that means that I'm now on the same time as all of you back home!

Stay strong and true! Be a part of the work! Read the Book of Mormon daily! (That means every day). It's super important. I love you all! Be excellent to each other!
Elder Rogers :)
The "Outgoing" District

A Thought from Mom:

"As we seek our Heavenly Father through fervent, sincere prayer and earnest, dedicated scripture study, our testimonies will become strong and deeply rooted. We will know of God’s love for us. We will understand that we do not ever walk alone."
—Thomas S. Monson

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