Monday, August 19, 2013

New Companion...and a whole lot of nothing!

My new companion is Elder Brunson. He is from Shreveport, Louisiana, and has a rockin' accent-- with all the y'alls, yes ma'ams, and what have you. He has been in Colorado for six months, and he also came out when he was eighteen! He was so excited to hear how old I was, because it meant that for the first time he wasn't the younger companion. His accent is actually from East Texas, where he grew up. His dad was in the Air Force, so he has also lived in Okinawa, England, and Italy.
He seems to be a little bit more of a 'training-minded' trainer than Elder Curth was (Elder Brunson is my follow-up trainer, or my "step-dad"). He is a little more focused on making sure I know what I need to do. He's a great trainer!
My new Companion, Elder Brunson
He just came from serving in Delta, Colorado, which is on the Western Slope. That means I had to wait all day Tuesday for him to arrive here in Littleton. I waited with the Elders serving in the Columbine Ward, and we both had dinner appointments. Hmmm.... I guess that's a good problem to have...

Wednesday was good, and we had a few good lessons. Thursday was the slowest proselyting day I have had to date! We had written down about 20 people to see, including two set appointments that are regular Thursday visits. We stopped by about 15 of those 20 people, and didn't have a lesson with anyone! Talk about frustrating!! Even our two "ol' faithfuls" cancelled on us! To top things off, Elder Brunson had some kind of skin infection on his upper leg that made it painful for him to sit or walk, and he was just running out of energy by the end of the day. We went in an hour early, at 8 o'clock, so he could get to bed early.
Friday, he had a doctor's appointment at 3:20, and he slept until we had to leave for it. That left me bored. All day. In our apartment. I did utilize the time to make a Plan of Salvation map out of index cards! I colored all of the pieces with colored pencils and crayons, cut them out, and laminated them with packing tape! It took me way too long. But, it was something productive to fill the time. Now I'll be able to use the map when I teach the Plan of Salvation for the rest of my mission! Hooray! After the doctor, we went to a pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic the doctor prescribed for him, then to dinner, and then back home so Elder Brunson could sleep some more. He was in pain almost all day. That stinks. While he slept, I watched Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. Good movie!
Saturday, he slept all day again, and then we went to dinner and a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader. I don't even remember what I did for the rest of the day. I think I watched The John Tanner Story, drew the Salt Lake temple, and read some scripture. I gave him a blessing that night, and he started to get better!
Sunday, he was recovered enough to go to all six hours of church, and our other meetings! We had a few good visits with some less-active members afterward, and it was a pretty productive Sunday.
Nicola came back into town! She's our 18-year-old investigator who left on a trip to New York a couple of weeks ago. We made an appointment for tonight! She was so glad when I called her, and she said she really wanted to meet with us. Then she got sick and cancelled. :\ Oh well! No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! Not even the hand of some nasty sickness! We will meet with her when she gets better.
We will be meeting with Bernie and Danielle tonight, though! Danielle is scheduled to be baptized on October 26th.
This week is looking like it will be a whole lot better, and a whole lot more productive. This is going to be a great transfer! At the end of the transfer, Mom, you're right: "So, you will be servicing two wards until the end of September, and then you’ll either stay in the Ken Caryl, or Coal Mine; either stay at the Dekle home, or move to the LeVecchia home, right?" That sums it up!
It sounds like things are going great back home, and school is in session! Have joy in the journey! Jadyn is engaged?! I'm not too surprised. Good for her! (And for him!)
Stay true to the faith! Read, pray, sing, go to church, keep the commandments, go to the temple, and just choose the right! The work goes on here in Colorado and around the world! I love you all and I'll talk to you later!
Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

~As you shed tears in your Gethsemane while others laugh with the sinners, don’t curse the purifying fire in which you have been placed. Your challenges are divinely appointed and they will ultimately perfect you.” ~Glen L. Pace


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