Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh Boy!

We've met a lot of people this week!

We decided to try tracting in some section-eight housing (government assistance) in our area this week. It has been fruitful! On Monday, we met Daryl. He's a 75-year-old man who rocked the cowboy hat and the fanny-pack he had on. We taught him a few basic principles, but he wouldn't accept a return appointment. Hopefully there's a seed planted!

Next we tracted into Walt (not Disney). He was about 60, and explained that the Sisters had been teaching him a few months ago. The conversation turned mostly to living prophets, and we were granted the privilege of testifying of our current prophet and the sacred nature of his calling. He accepted the invitation to watch General Conference this weekend!

The last person we taught at those apartments was Kathy. She was in her 60s, and gladly let us in her house. We talked to her about her experience meeting with the missionaries a few years previous. She said she liked the Church, and had felt something special as she learned from the Elders. We talked a lot about faith in Christ, and about ancient and modern prophets. She expressed a desire to have another go, as it were, at the Church. She gladly accepted the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.
On a recent convert note, Ashleigh and Shay both obtained recommends to receive their Patriarchal Blessings! They will both be getting them in October. That will be swell!

One of our investigators, Annie, we recently discovered lives with a less-active member of the Church named Raven. We were able to talk to Raven about coming back to church, and teach her about the blessings it would bring. She has had some rough experiences in the past, and at present, but she is always inviting to us, and seems to have a part of her heart tied back to the gospel. On her birthday, which was Saturday, we dropped by with some candy, a "Happy Birthday" balloon for her, and a "Get Well" balloon for Annie, who's been sick with a bug she caught in Mexico. They appreciated it, and it was fun for us to do!
Probably the most notable experience of the week was teaching Heather and Jordan. The Sunday prior, we had tracted into Heather and set up an appointment to come back and teach her. We went on Tuesday at 6:00, but no one answered. We weren't too disappointed, because people hardly ever keep the first appointment, and we went on our way to do some finding in the section-eight housing nearby. As we were about to cross the street, I saw a young couple walk up the stairs towards Heather's apartment, and told the other Elders we should just go check and see if it was them. We climbed back up the stairs, knocked, and they answered! We sat down with Heather and her boyfriend, Jordan, and were instantly comfortable and having a pleasant conversation about ourselves, where we were from, and so on. We turned in into a gospel discussion, and then opened the lesson with a prayer. It was the best first lesson I've ever taught!

Aren't we cool? Elders Mecham and Rogers

We were richly blessed with unity in explaining the principles of the Restoration. They both loved it! Heather was raised a Lutheran, and Jordan a Catholic. They were planning on having a family some day, and had been recently discussing what faith they were going to raise their children in. Jordan especially appreciated our explanation of the great apostasy. He explained, "I had a friend in college who studied religious history. He showed me how a lot of churches stemmed from a single argument between two men! It didn't make sense to me. But now it's clear." When we offered them both a copy of the Book of Mormon. Heather was hesitant to accept, and suggested they take and share just one copy. At first I thought it was a little strange, but upon our insistence she humbly accepted a copy of her own and held it in her hands with the feeling that it was something of great value. She had declined initially because she hadn't wanted to take something from us that was worth so much! They happily scheduled a return appointment for us to teach them the Plan of Salvation. Oh, what a blessing! God is good to us.

I am so excited for General Conference this weekend! My companions and I took some time last night to watch "On the Lord's Errand," a documentary on the life of President Thomas S. Monson. It was fantastic! He was truly prepared and called of the Lord to be His prophet! I can't wait to hear his words, and the words of other inspired men and women, this weekend. What a joy! I encourage everyone in the WORLD to watch the General Conference of the Lord's Church, and to heed the teachings given. I wish I could tell the whole world, "But behold, I am a man, and do sin in my wish; for I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me." So, I'll just have to tell everyone I see! I love you all, and wish you a happy Conference Week!

Elder Rogers

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