Monday, October 21, 2013

It snew again!

Yup. It's starting to get cold!
So, I'm emailing next to this Canadian Elder, and he keeps using weird words in his emails, like parcel; and putting "u"s where they don't belong. It's pretty cool. I told him it was zero degrees this morning. Celsius.
Anyway! We have had an awesome week this week! About a month and a half ago, Elder Brunson and I gave a copy of the Book of Mormon to a teenage kid who lives in an apartment complex in our area. Earlier this week, Elder Kelly and I ran into the same kid. I asked him if he had read the book, and what he thought about it. He told us he had read it and he liked it. I asked if we could stop by his house some time to talk about it. He said sure, and gave us his name, Rey, and his address, "Up on the hill in 303."
A couple of days later, we went up on the hill and knocked on 303. A middle-ages Hispanic man answered. I asked if Rey was home, and he said, "Yeah, that's me."   . . .
"Do you also have a son named Rey?" I asked. He said he has one son, and his name is Marco. Confused, I explained that we were looking for a different Rey, but we would still be happy to share a message about Jesus Christ with him. He said that sounded fine, and we could come back another day.
On Friday, we went back and he let us in. We had an awesome, spiritual lesson. He committed to be baptized, and asked us to teach his children as well! We gave him two copies of the Book of Mormon, one in English, and one in EspaƱol. He would probably be a referral for the Spanish missionaries, but he explicitly told us he didn't want to attend a Hispanic church. No problem!
Obviously, the teenager was playing a prank on us. Reymundo is the maintenance man in the apartment complex, so the kid knew his name and where he lived. The Lord works in mysterious ways!
I hope you all are doing well! The work is hastening. Overall, I'm doing fine! The work is hard, but I can do hard things. Stay awesome, and be positive, and choose the right! I love you all, and will talk to you later!
Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

 "An invitation that is born of our love for others and for the Lord Jesus Christ and our desire for the happiness of these friends and family members will never be seen as offensive or judgmental."
—Jeffrey R. Holland


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