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This has been a looong week! Elder Brunson is super impatient. He seems to have been constantly thinking about who will get which ward tomorrow. I was just like, "Elder, we'll know eventually..."

On Friday, we got leadership calls. Elder Brunson was called to a special assignment. That means that there is a missionary who needs special attention because of disobedience, illness, lack of motivation, or what have you. He was actually excited for that! I'm not sure why. Maybe he just loves the opportunity to raise someone up! He was also called as the district leader of our new district (because our district split, too), which consists of Ken Caryl, Coal Mine, and Chatfield.

I was called to be a trainer! Tomorrow, I'll get a greenie companion fresh from the MTC! Now, before you go thinking I'm the greatest missionary around-- it's typical for missionaries to train in their third transfer. Usually you get trained, then train while it's still fresh! My MTC companion, Elder Hawkes, is also training, as is Elder Donovan, who came out with us and is in my district now. Training is quite the responsibility! I get to set the whole tone of this Elder's mission! Full-time missionary work is never what you expect it to be, and it's my job to make sure that it's better, not worse, than what he expected!

Then, on Saturday, we got transfer calls. My new companion and I will be serving in the Coal Mine area! Coal Mine has a few progressing investigators, two investigators with a baptismal date, and a lot of good potential. We will be in Bishop Jensen's ward. We'll be moving in with the Lavecchias. They have a sweet setup for the missionaries-- two separate bathrooms and an exercise room! The Coal Mine ward meets at 12:30, so we'll have time to get up, have breakfast, study, eat lunch, then go to church! And another bonus-- we get the car!!

Elder Brunson and his new companion will be on bikes... I do feel sorry about that, but at least he's excited to get some exercise!

So, I've been doing some packing this morning to move to the Lavecchias'. Tomorrow morning we'll have transfer meeting, where I'll meet my new companion! I'm pretty excited. I'm recommitting myself to exact obedience, which is not easy. If I can show this missionary that exact obedience is possible, he'll be striving to achieve it his whole mission, which will bring miracles! I won't be too tough on him; I'll just try to lead by example.

Anyway! Yes, you're thinking of the same Jensens. So, cool! You know them!

I didn't get your last letter, nor one I was expecting from someone else... I think the mailman might have it in for me. (Yes, i said "nor").

Yes! I got your package with clothes and bread and sweets. Thank you!! Yum.

The work is hastening. 36 new missionaries are arriving in the Denver South Mission today! They're probably on a plane from Provo right now. Lots going on!

I love you all! Choose the right and be happy!


Elder Rogers
By the way,

Elder Brunson takes forever to email, so I've clicked through a lot of family history while I wait.

I've made it back to Adam three times, but never the way Grandpa got there. I made it once through Mom's line and twice through Dad's. (I just found one, and that's why I remembered to tell you).

Happy Family History!

A Thought from Mom:

"All that I now hold dear in life began to mature in the mission field. Had I not been encouraged to be a missionary, I would not have the eternal companion or precious family I dearly love. I am confident that I would not have had the exceptional professional opportunities that stretched my every capacity. I am certain that I would not have received the sacred callings with opportunities to serve for which I will be eternally grateful. My life has been richly blessed beyond measure because I served a mission."  -Richard G. Scott

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