Monday, September 16, 2013

Well, Hello!


The correct answer is grizzly bear. You can research it if you want!

It has been raaaaiiiining this week! We haven't had any flooding in Littleton, that's all going on up north of Denver. But we've heard about all of that! Yesterday we were in a cloud... I mean to say, the clouds just came down to the ground and misted us all day! It was quite awesome.

Yesterday we got a new bishopric in Coal Mine! They replaced the bishop and both counselors. Our new bishop is Bishop Jensen. I know that means nothing to you, but he's a cool guy. That was kind of a big deal. We had a chilli cook-off on Saturday night! I love chilli!! If you have the missionaries over, you might consider making chilli.

We taught a lesson to our new investigator, George, on Saturday as well. He is old and very, very Catholic, so he tells us a lot about what they believe, and it's good to get some insight on others' perspectives. People everywhere are just looking for truth and doing what they believe to be right. I think it shall be well with them in the end. He is very open to learning about what we believe as well! It was a good lesson.

We started over with Dave, teaching the lessons from scratch. He's been meeting with missionaries for about three years, and he says everything we're teaching is new to him! Whaaat have these missionaries been doing?? Well, he's on the right path now, and that's what counts! He's receiving the lessons really well.

We have been going through our former investigator records for the area to see if any of them would like to start meeting with us again. We met with a guy named Scientific Joe. We call him that because his name is Joe and his teaching record says he wants scientific proof of everything. He invited us to sit at a table on his porch so he could Bible bash with us for an hour. Towards the end of our meeting, he said he wanted us to come back so he could tell us what else he thought was wrong with the Book of Mormon. I explained, "Joe, we're not coming back if that's what you want to do. That's not why we're here. We're here to offer you the ordinances of salvation by proper priesthood authority, as restored to the earth in these last days, preparatory to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ."
We'll go back there sometime this week and explain lovingly what our message is and what we have to offer. I hope he can open his heart and his mind!

We are going to start doing some service at an assisted-living home this week, reading to people. That should be fun!

Elder Brunson and I are ready for transfers, going mad speculating who will get which ward! Next Monday, I'll be able to tell you!

Well, the work goes forward at an ever-increasing pace! Be great examples and live excellently.
Much love and care,

Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

"First of all I would like to thank every missionary who has ever labored in this transcendent latter-day undertaking we have been given. The rolling forth of the restored gospel is a miracle in every sense of the word, and not the least of the miracle is that a significant portion of it rolls forward on the shoulders of 18-year-olds! As we have seen your sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, faithfully laboring, I have pictured the tens of thousands of others like them we have met all over the world. Clean, clear, bright-eyed missionaries, laboring two-by-two, have become a living symbol of this Church everywhere. They themselves are the first gospel message their investigators encounter--and what a message that is. Everyone knows who they are, and those of us who know them the best, love them the most."

~Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Abide In Me
From the May, 2004 Ensign
*Note: (I changed 19-year-olds to 18-year-olds)


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