Monday, April 14, 2014

Robbin! And a Fun Conference!

Howdy and hey!

What a week! First thing's first-- Robbin got baptized! She asked me to perform the baptism. It was such a blessing! Now that the laws are all members, they've got their sights set on the temple! It was a great service, and the Spirit was strong. Shayla said the opening prayer, her first prayer in public!
The Laws Family on Robbin's Baptism Day

So, it's been kind of hot for the past few days. We've been sweating outside and soaking up some rays-- until yesterday! We left our apartment to go out for the day, and it was cloudy, windy and cold. While we were riding, it started raining. Then it started hailing. That was really cold! We finally got into someone's house and warmed up by their fire. While we were inside, it started snowing, hard. So, that's Colorado for you. 85 degrees one day, snowing the next!
I'm glad Rose had such a good birthday party! I can't believe she's three!! And Marissa is.... 24?... I think that's right... I could do the math, but I like guessing better.



 Stake conference was this week! The adult session Saturday night was great, President and Sister Murdock spoke, and they're always inspirational. There's a Spanish Branch in our stake, so they have a headset set-up for them to hear a Spanish translation. I decided I wanted to try translating for the Sunday session! Some of the Spanish missionaries were translating too, as well as another brother in the stake. We lined it all up, and I was assigned to translate for the second speaker. We sat in the foyer outside the chapel with a little table, the headset with a microphone and transmitter, and a bunch of Spanish scriptures and a tablet for easy Spanish searching. The brother from the stake translated the first talk, and handed the headset to me, "Here you go."

A sister started speaking, and I could hear her through the headset.

But I couldn't translate. Because she wasn't speaking English. If you can, just imagine me, sitting at this table, with my hand to my ear, my face becoming more and more puzzled as the seconds passed. She wasn't speaking Spanish, either. I was grateful to discover that I wasn't psychotic. All of the other translators around me were looking at each other, and at the speakers in the foyer. "Is that German?" "Dutch?" "I don't know."

The brother from the stake looks at me and says, "Just go by the Spirit!" Uhhh......

I didn't say anything. Some of the Spanish missionaries peeked into the chapel to see what was going on. They said she looked Native American. It's not like she just said a few words or sentences in this language; she spoke it for a solid sixty seconds. Perfect. My first time translating.

Finally, we realized that we could recognize her words. She had started speaking English. Phhew! So I started to translate. I translated her explanation that she was a Navajo Indian by birth. She was speaking Navajo. NAVAJO!

Anyway, I got a solid thirty seconds of translating in before she started talking about her maternal grandparents and the Abrahamic covenant, and I handed the headset to Hermana Jimenez. But hey, I did it for a little bit!! :) It was fun.

Those are the highlights of the week. Remember to read and live and love and do all of those awesome things! I love you all! Be excellent to each other! :)

Elder Rogers

A Thought from Mom:

“Jesus said several times, “Come, follow me.” His was a program of “do what I do,” rather than “do what I say.” His innate brilliance would have permitted him to put on a dazzling display, but that would have left his followers far behind. He walked and worked with those he was to serve. His was not a long-distance leadership. He was not afraid of close friendships; he was not afraid that proximity to him would disappoint his followers. The leaven of true leadership cannot lift others unless we are with and serve those to be led.”  

~President Spencer W. Kimball

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